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Our behind-the-scenes photography will document your area of expertise so that others can follow your journey. Our hearts are to show the hustle and grind of your organisation, the real work that goes on behind the scenes. The work no one sees. From arena filled concerts to corporate factories. We want your vision to come to life.
Why black and white? Over the past couple of years, our founder Nicolette started to switch over to an all black and white Instagram feed. No, she’s not colour blind. It is just the look and feel that we like and have build nkp_journal into a brand. She is known for her BTS photos and backstage stories.
We would like to welcome you on this journey… The Journal is now open for the world to read. Why don’t you head over to our website and read all about it or follow us on Instagram for daily updates.
If you have an event or a corporate company that you would like us to photograph contact us for a customised quote.
We would love to work with you!
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