In Adoration

It’s that time of the year where I find myself back in the Grand West Arena, not so ready for the annual Christmas Spectacular. Seeing that my default is creative I thought I would just wing it. But with a heart torn in two, I was standing with empty hands. Okay, that’s maybe a bit dramatic.

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It’s Friday night and the passages are filled with new faces, ready to experience the full swing of eating hot chips, no sleep and people having conversations in the middle of the door. Why though? Did we not learn anything from Colour? As I walked into the backstage docks I quickly became familiar with the smell of metal rigs and coffee beans. These creative cats and their coffee, you can’t seem to separate ‘em.

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The Arena is buzzing with excitement. The atmosphere is tangible and the tension tight. When pressure hits me I’m in my element. For a change of habit, I decided to get a bowl of popcorn before team meeting starts. For some random reason, the whole congregation thought it would be fine to have some of it. Take note; some of these people have been setting up for hours and working very hard, I do applaud you, however, I don’t share food… ever.

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The plan was to stay for an hour or two, shoot some behind the scenes and connect with people. Low key I left at 1:30 am in the morning. Let’s just say that I’m not so confident with sticking to a plan. I came to Spec with no plan. No plan on what I wanted to shoot and definitely no plan to write a story. But the question I got throughout the show from fellow team members are; why do you always just shoot backstage?

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My simple answer is this:

Every individual has a story. When we’re together these stories combine and it creates a tension. A medley that is still being crafted into a heaven song. Us together matters more than anything else. Individually we are strings. Together we are a beautiful God breathed tapestry. My heart is to show the church off the platform.

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Having only slept 2 hours the night before I knew this weekend will be a stretch. Coffee in one hand and my camera in the other. At some stage, I was sipping on my camera. For those of you who actually know me will know that I sometimes do the dumbest stuff. Yes, I’m finally admitting it. But somewhere along the morning I woke up and started shooting and didn’t stopped…

Here are some of my favourite photos, hope you enjoy them.

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