An Open Letter: Colour 2018

Behind the beautiful stage of Colour Conference is a world unknown to many. For 7 days this place gets invaded by a group of people that is alive with different cultures, backgrounds and various untold stories. A community rich with gifts and talents. A company of people with the same interest. A society to build His Kingdom. We are Hillsong Creative.

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I walked into the Arena ready to document what is taking place and parked myself in a corner on a couch. Waiting. Watching. Taking note. Normally I will tell you about the great tension between comms and the events team has to share a room. The one is louder than the other. One is obsessed with creative storytelling and the other not so much. And on the other hand, it’s all about who gets to nap on the couch and who can’t.

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Singers, songwriters, dancers, you name it. Together we outwork a God-ordained vision of the Colour Sisterhood. The language used is a poetry in motion and we design visuals that will rest in the rhythms of your heart. But this creation of beauty is an absolute mess.

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On the last night of Conference, I started writing. I never do it so quickly. I was alone in a small office, facing a mirror that confronted my own thoughts. Thoughts as to why I serve on the team I serve in and questioning what I bring to it. On my right was a little card that said “We can’t believe we get to do this… with you!” Even in the mess of our own hearts, we try our very best to bring a beautiful Creator to this world.

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Working with creative thinkers can give you grey hair. Believe me, I’m not the easiest person to work with. Colour.18 was never about the photos. But about the observations. I’ve seen a few things over the past couple of days that wrecked my heart into so many pieces.

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In less than 24 hours I saw friends become family. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen a room so tangible with people that are so vulnerable. Sitting backstage with guys desperately seeking God’s face. Desperately seeking a breakthrough for friends and family. I saw friends cheering for one another during items. Encouraging each other to do what they do best in order to help advance His Kingdom. It wasn’t about individual applaud, but rather a mature mindset of how we bridge the gap between God and the hearts of each delicate.

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For some the platform is a distant dream, for others, it’s about someone seeing their photos. Personally, I love watching people do what they are gifted to do. If you want to know what is the secret to my photos, here you go… Do what is required in your season through honouring God. It says Grace all over the image…




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