A Beautiful Mess

In the 13th century, history was made in Murano, Venice. Italian monks crafted the first visual aid by providing the initial set of spectacles to people who could not read small letters. This authentic set was either made of iron, horn or wood. Heavy, but needed… Vision is important.

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About three years ago I had an encounter with a beautiful mess. Having a massive fear for foyers filled with people, standing in the front and nowadays the awkward ‘one minute to mingle’. I started hiding. And out of hiding, I fell in love.

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I became intrigued by the people and conversations between the four walls of our production room. 6am call time. Worship leaders rocking up with no make on, with children in their arms fast asleep. The smell of coffee alongside loud yawns was a raw familiarity. 6am to 8:15am, every Sunday, became normal. I started seeing things the greater congregation did not see and had a desire to show a different church experience. Art became alive with every drumbeat. An untold story, ready to be revealed.

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Those Italian monks had a desire to restore vision. A vision that would enable small letters to be magnified. Rolling cables, cleaning the platform or manning the clock is magnified in the big picture. Serving with no hidden intention. Why? Because the vision is clear. “Building a church to build a nation.”

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The one can be amazed by the perfection of light during worship.

The one can be captivated by the heart of musicians.

The one can be fascinated by the beauty of lyrics.

The one can be drawn to the art on screens.

The one can be gripped by the vision.

The one, can make a difference.




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