An Open Letter: Colour 2017

Surrounded by off-white corridors and the smell of only Grand West Arena. This year Colour Conference looked a tad bit different to me. Photography brief: stay backstage and capture everything that happens behind the scenes. One week, one corridor, one objective: To the creative, I see you.




Shooting behind the scenes is most probably my favourite thing. I have a scandalous love affair with our creative team and its vision. It’s no secret that I love telling stories through images and capturing moments off platform. This year marks a 10 year photography anniversary for me. I started shooting when I was 15, a very delicate age for any young girl not knowing her identity. A camera became a part of me, who I am and what I believe.




Photography is my default. Even when I started following God, creating images is all I knew. As a creative I tend to be a perfectionist, my work had to be seen. I don’t want to be good at what I do, I want to great. Pride and arrogance kept me going, until I burned out. You can’t build character on pride and you definitely can’t grow closer to God with a mindset like that.




Fellow creative’s, today I want to write to you. Don’t be the person I use to be. I use to strive for affirmation and I promise you there will be a day where you work your ass off and no one says thank you.




To the creative; I’ve been watching some of you. Some roll cables 6am in the morning and others rehears songs ready to lead people into worship. For 7 days I found myself backstage with the majority of people that make Colour happen. The ones that rocks up at 5am and leaves at 2am, the ones that help with stage design and setup, the ones that puts up poster all over the place and the ones that has the honour of capturing the story unfold.




This week I followed a few around. Some don’t care about their titles. They walk around the corridors with no shoes on, eat their cooked meals upstairs in a dressing room and have random conversations on a staircase. My eyes opened to what true community looks like. To actually have a conversation with someone with genuine kindness and care. To be loved…




Colour 2017 was not really about the photos. This year I decided to be more present and observe.

1) Creative pastors; you really eat a lot of Steers chips. Yes, I saw you!

2) Why does everyone meet in doorways? Can’t you stand somewhere else?

And 3) Why does the events team talk so loud?


One particular day I decided to sneak into the creative’s leaders meeting. You would think that it’s this stiff meeting where no one smiles. To be honest, I walked out crying of laughter. It was a great reminder to have fun in the midst of it all. It reminded me of why we do what we do.




To the creative’s; I pray that the beautiful mystery of God becomes personal to you. I pray that you will mature in your relationship with Him and serve out of overflow. I pray that God will speak to you in new ways and that you will seek Him more and more.


Because; Can You Believe We Get To Do This?





Let There Be Light. 

Shining a light on what happens at rehearsals.

Early mornings, late nights and a boatload of flat white’s is nothing new to the Creative Team. Or let’s just say nothing new to those who make call time. Shots fired. But for real, after a few years of Christmas Spectacular I’m convinced that we spend more money on coffee than water. If you look on the bright side, there’s water in coffee.


Oh hello Grand West, it’s us again. You might remember us from Colour Conference, the group that has the best actors, singers, dancers; you name it, or maybe, the team that takes the whole wall to write their names. By the way, why do you keep on painting over it? Heck budget is tight; one can only afford so many pens in a year.


It’s always nice walking into the Arena with ‘Guess who’s back?’ playing in the background. Ok, maybe in the background of my head. ‘Cause you know, I’m not that special to get an intro. Speaking of an intro, as I walked back in I didn’t realise there’s a curtain after the doors, like wasn’t the veil torn? You see what happened was, I walked in and you know when you look for the end of the curtain? Ya, that curtain went on for eternity. I finally managed to get in. That’s 6 minutes of my life I’m not getting back…


Guess who was responsible for the volunteer photo? Me. You might remember a particular event that ruined my little ego a few years ago. I take some serious pride in what I do, but that day Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball and I couldn’t think straight. This time was a little bit different, they gave me the microphone. I may or may not have a slight inappropriate side to my apparent “quietness”, so on that note, praise Jesus that the microphone cut out when I cracked my first joke…  Let’s just say I just want people to know that photographers are good in the dark. But I did need light, and the photo came out good.


Let me tell you about the rest of rehearsals. It’s like being found in the mystery but sadly I tripped and found myself between the chairs. Anyhow. Rehearsals are always fun. Not only do you get to see the whole production, but you also see what goes into it.


I think my favourite item would be the intro of King Julian. Ha yeah, that happened. I’m pretty upset that I didn’t get a palm tree outfit. I have to admit that I’m pretty good at throwing shade… But our Where’s Wally outfits were a win. I don’t like stripes. But the stuff you would do for your team hey…


The most creative thing I did at Spec this year was the dance at the end. I have to say that my moves can make it in a Colgate ad with a tagline that says noticeably white. I can’t move my hands and feet at the same time and to make matters worse, I end up with a wedgie stuck between my lungs. So no dancing for me. Some people that can dance on high heels are more stable than my entire life. I always thought that I was pretty stable until that one prayer meeting when I stood on a massive wooden bin and the lid decided to come lose. Like, why does the lid have to make such silly decisions? I may or may not have slipped. To save myself from worse embarrassment I changed my mind on where I want to stand for the next meeting. You know, let’s just lie on the floor because you can’t fall over.


Listen, I love what I do. These backstage things are my highlight of the year! These are the stories you would never hear of. You would think that this post would have been pretty profound. But I’m just sitting here telling you some interesting stories from my perspective and there’s a lot more. Until next year!




Love. nkp


An Unforgettable Experience


Dear Bethel 

(Bethel Worship SA Tour 2016)



An Open Letter: Colour 2016

Sitting alone on a cold floor, editing, waiting… “You really can’t be that tired, it’s not like you actually serve people.” A comment I came face to face with a few months ago.

_MG_2524 copy

After a year I found myself back at Grand West for Colour Conference. This time, a completely different story. No late nights watching rehearsals, making notes, planning, preparing, nothing… Just shooting. Sadly this day I found myself facing a small mental problem that I’ve been battling with for over a year. “Nicolette, are you taking the volunteer photo?” A question I got all week. I distanced myself so far away from that stage that people didn’t even know I was at the volunteer rally. If you haven’t noticed; I am driven by excellence, task orientated and an extremely aggressive shooter. I had one chance to prove myself.  And I didn’t.

_MG_2505 copy

Lights off, gear packed and ready to go. Like always, normal routine check done. Camera bag in the same spot, laptop packed and all camera batteries on charge… ready for Colour Conference. But today, the familiar got interrupted. I sat at the table with a cup of coffee, face to face with an old friend… Depression. Some people travel through isolated deserts and others through beautiful wildernesses. Not me. I went camping in the epicenter of hell and I actually didn’t want to live anymore. Let’s just say I was stuck in a bad season.

Some things started to surface in my life. These “things” are the things that church leaders don’t talk about, don’t struggle with or even mention in a corporate setting. For as long as I can remember depression has been part of my life. I didn’t want people to know, so I created an image. The confident photographer known by everyone. Until I burned out…

_MG_1774 copy-2 copyBright and early on the Friday morning of Colour 2016. Photography gear cleaned and packed. Wearing all black with white high-tops and on my way to the Colour Network High Tea. Everyone was expectant. Some people were sharing about what God has done in the first conference and others show their anticipation for the next one. I enjoyed shooting it, but Heaven on Earth it was hot! With a smile on my face I was still waiting… waiting for breakthrough.

By the time I got to the arena the place were packed with people. Girls were already standing in lines waiting for the doors to open. As I walked in I saw all the worship leaders on stage doing the final sound check. I was super excited to shoot worship. The lights looked absolutely amazing. I went backstage, walked up those wonderful stairs and started setting up. Camera ready, fired up and ready to shoot.

I stood in my position waiting for the opener. The atmosphere was thick and tangible. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was standing face to face with 5 000 women ready to worship. I took a deep breath as the lights dimmed for the opener to start. And Boom! Start of Colour Conference 2. This is what I live for! As soon as the opener and worship was over I ran back to go and edit.

_MG_1615-2_MG_1779 copy_MG_2560 copy_MG_1797 copy-2

The start of day 2 will be the only time when the whole foyer smells like coffee and perfume. I wouldn’t say that that blend would sell. But who cares? Getting ready for a long day of shooting, I had to convince myself why I do what I do. I sat backstage with a coffee and a smile. The smile was very important, because no one could know about the brokenness and sadness that I’m currently facing.

I mentally prepared myself for the warfare prayer and worship session. The speakers started to share their personal stories and with tears streaming down my face and uncontrollably crying, this is the first time that I’ve ever heard someone on a platform talking about not receiving or seeing miraculous healing take place. This has been an ongoing battle inside of me every time I’m in a corporate setting. I felt butt naked and vulnerable as I was sobbing over the fact that I haven’t received my healing. But for once I can relate to someone. By the way, crying and shooting is not necessarily the best combination.

_MG_2457 copy_MG_2439 copy-2_MG_1736 copy-2_MG_2536 copy.jpg

Standing backstage, knowing all masks are off. It was time to be real. Hiding behind a camera won’t solve my problem. Photography is what I do, it’s not who I am. I had to be real about the fact that I actually have a problem and that it is not something to be ashamed of. It’s not easy being a leader right up front helping everyone but also in the back of your head struggling with suicide. To be honest with you, I don’t know if I will be healed and if my healing is on the other side of Eternity.

_MG_1454 copy-2_MG_3308 copy-2_MG_3312-2

The biggest struggle that I’ve had was to prove myself over and over again. I had to get a revelation of if Jesus stood in front of you asking “I see you, is that not enough?” Will I be content? Will I say yes? I kept looking for my identity in the wrong places, people and activities. I lived with the fact that depression is part of me and it started to rule me. It was an excuse for my actions and behaviours.

The hardest part was the realisation that there are about 10 000 people between the 2 conferences and they are walking around with the same problem. This blog won’t heal you and it’s definitely not the answer to your question. But I can say that I understand. I had to learn how to let go of the past. I had to learn how to trust my friends and leaders. I had to learn that the people that I do life with are for me and not against me… I had to learn that I am loved.

I didn’t walk out of Colour Conference made whole. I walked out with hope and appreciation for the people in my life. Let’s just say, there was a lot more, but it’s not going to fit my story at this moment… I want people to understand that depression is a real struggle.

_MG_1755 copy-2

I hope that my personal story shed some light and life into yours. I pray that you would hold onto the promise of healing and not give up and I ask that you will let people into your life that will help you walk the journey.

_MG_3448 copy-2



Leather Jacket Foxes

_MG_0624 copy_MG_0698 copy2_MG_0699 copy2_MG_0706 copy_MG_0727 copy_MG_0733 copy_MG_0744 copy_MG_0746 copy_MG_0752 copy_MG_0771 copy_MG_0793 copy_MG_0804 copy_MG_0855 copy_MG_0859 copy_MG_0869 copy_MG_0872 copy_MG_0890 copy_MG_0891 copy


The Streets

_MG_7718 copy_MG_7734 copy_MG_7772 copy_MG_7776 copy_MG_7783 copy_MG_7816 copy_MG_7827 copy_MG_7913 copy_MG_7961 copy_MG_7963 copy_MG_7998 copy_MG_8009 copy_MG_8017 copy_MG_8025 copy


Visual Art

1_MG_9754_12_MG_9802_23_MG_9834_34_MG_9738_45_MG_9630_56_MG_9814_67_MG_9567_78_MG_9846_89_MG_9658 copy-0110_MG_9579_1011_MG_9671_1112_MG_9758_12


The People

1 copy3 copy29.5 copy8.5 copy4 copy5 copy9 copy6 copy7 copy11 copy12 copy



_MG_8362 copy-2 _MG_8459 copy-2 _MG_8453 copy _MG_8444 copy-2 _MG_8443 copy-2 _MG_8440 copy _MG_8426 copy-2 _MG_8421 copy-2 _MG_8417 copy-2 _MG_8410 copy _MG_8405 copy _MG_8384 copy


An Open Letter: Colour 2015

April 9th, 2015. There was this crazy buzz in the foyer of church. Creative Team Night set aside for Colour Conference rehearsals. For the first time the whole Communications & Media team was put in one room. People I knew, people I didn’t know. Photographers in the first row and Film in the second. I sat at the back of the room, staring at my competition, scouting who would be my biggest rival. Yes, that’s me, a dark secret that I’ve been carrying… I am, extremely competitive.

Colour would be the biggest event for our local church. Two conferences. Almost 10 000 people at the Grand West Arena, with a total of over 1000 volunteers serving in a space of four days. Last year that was just a number to me, this year I’m part of that number.

Walking into the Arena the Monday of rehearsals, Production volunteers were all around the place. Some was laying cables, others testing microphones. Everything had to be excellent. We wanted every woman who walked into the conference to feel special. As I walked in I remembered the smell of the backstage rooms… Being able to shoot rehearsals is a big plus. Being a professional photographer you want to be prepared for anything and everything. I was listening close to everything the creative leaders said, making notes of changes and memorising the whole set. Believe me that is possible.

IMG_9495 copy

April 14th, 2015. Volunteer rally. All the volunteers under one roof. People from all campuses. Everyone showed up expectant. People stood in awe. This was actually happening, again. Shooting volunteer rally was easy, or so I thought. No shot list. Only a speaker shot, a few interesting things and then the big volunteer photo. Standing next to stage waiting for the call to take the photo I turned around looking for Philip. I was under the impression Philip would take the photo. I mean, Philip is Philip. But no, he looked at me and indicated that I should take it. The first thought that went through my head was, “Dang Philip, now is not the time to be humble”. A lot of emotions flooded me. Standing alone on stage with over 1000 people staring at you is frightening. On my left, Global Creative Pastor Cass Langton, guest speakers, our SA lead pastors Ps. Phil and Lucinda Dooley, and the front row stacked with our key team. Honestly I was scared to death. This was the annual photo everyone anticipates. I was staring at FJ for advice. Hands waving around, he just said go wide. I had a Canon 16 – 35mm f/2.8 on me so wide was definitely not a problem. Ps Phil made the call, everyone went crazy, and I took around 30 photos. Looked at my LCD screen, one should be ok. I nodded my head and walked off stage. I knew I messed up.

All the photographers got together for a quick brief. We went up to our office which was situated on the other side of creation. I now understand why all the people in the Communications team are so fit. I clearly didn’t get the memo. Standing in a room filled with photographers and videographers we had one mandate; and that is to work as a team with excellence. Christen shared something, I wouldn’t know what, because I was so distracted by the fact that I just messed up the biggest photo of the week. I wanted to kick myself, I mean, how I managed to mess up a photo like that is beyond me. A lot went through my head.

IMG_9921 copy-2

I started editing as soon as we were done. Emailed my best shots and left the Arena. I got home, raided the whole kitchen for food and sat on my bed crying. If this was how Colour starts, I don’t want to know how it would end. I messaged FJ to say that I’m sorry about the photo and knew that I had to pull myself together because this is the start of something big.

A few months ago we had Christmas Spectacular at the same place but, this time was different. This wasn’t just a production; this was Colour Conference Cape Town 2015.

Only a few people got shortlisted to shoot at Colour. The magnitude of this global conference is indescribable. The pressure is on. There is no turning back. We are a team, a team that has to showcase photos to the world…

We split into two groups. One group shot the first conference and a different group shot the second conference. I was in the second. Sitting in Block B I was staring at all the photographers wandering around trying to get the perfect shot. In my head I was wondering who had what lens on and what settings they were using. I had everything planned out. Where I was going to stand, what lenses I’ll shoot with, how many shots I’ll take… I just needed a camera. Overwhelmed with frustration I could not wait for the second conference.

By Friday I was dead tired. The night before I cleaned and packed all my equipment. I was ready to shoot my first ever Colour Conference. With sweat dripping down my forehead and a cold autumn wind rushing through my shirt I walked into the Arena. Put everything down and mentally prepared myself for the evening. I had one photo on my mind and that was to shoot wide. After the opening ceremony I waited for Justin’s call to go and edit. If there is one person on the team I have 100% trust in, that would be Justin. Going through hundreds of photos I quickly edited my best, emailed the photos, grabbed the wide lens and ran to the other side of building. As I walked out I saw a staff member of Grand West standing behind the curtain listening to the message. I knew I only had one shot to get the image. It was difficult. Overexposed on stage and underexposed behind the curtain. I took one photo, it sounded like a gunshot that went off. She turned around and looked at me as if I was crazy. I turned around, looked at my screen and I knew I had the photo.

IMG_0769 copy

There is one shot I needed to get. I quietly walked up the stairs praying to God I don’t pull a hamstring. I was at the highest section of the Arena. I started shaking, my throat wanted to close and for some reason I got emotional. A lot of thoughts rushed through my head and for a split second I looked around and it hit me.

IMG_0780 copy

One of my biggest dreams became a reality. This wasn’t not about me, the photo that I want to get or the equipment I use… I caught myself daydreaming in a reality. Sitting in the corner, I had a slight smile on my face. This is it. This is my calling. But, it wouldn’t have happened if everyone didn’t work as a team. Sometimes as a photographer I become so self-centred in what I want to do, but not here. There was no time for that.

Pushingmy bad attitude and competitiveness aside I slowly walked down. I got the shot and at this point that was all that mattered. I walked back to the office to edit. While my photos were copying to my laptop I remembered the staff member behind the curtain. How easy is it for some of us to get so used to the idea of church on such a scale. Almost every Sunday I walk in and out with a camera in my hand. For some, that is not normal, for me, that is a lifestyle. Take it away and I’ll go ballistic.

I got home, did my routine equipment clean up, charged my batteries and packed all my bags for the next day. As tired as I was, I could not sleep. Something truly happened to me at the top of those stairs. A 5am wake up call, I am not a morning person, everything before sunset is early. I got to the Arena still trying to wake up. Everyone walked in with smiles on their faces. Who does that at 7am in the morning?

It was the last day of Colour. The foyer was buzzing. Ladies standing in lines with coffee cups waiting for the doors to open. Pressure on! As a photographer you walk around looking for moments. There was a lot happening. I got overwhelmed by the amount of people in one building. You could smell freshly ground coffee beans and hear people talk about their excitement for the day.

The first two sessions went past so quickly. By the time the boys did Uptown Funk I was buzzing. I couldn’t wait to shoot it. I remembered the full rehearsal; I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Done and dusted. I went back to the office to go and edit. I went through my photos. Stefan Green nailed it. He was absolutely brilliant! The funny thing is; he saw me and he knew exactly where I was standing.

IMG_1582 copy

A few minutes later Ps. Cass Langton walked in. Philip was busy with the global ‘Colour highlights video’ and she needed to see it. I couldn’t show my excitement. FJ, Christen, Philip and Cass were sitting and talking about changes on the video. I made a cup of tea and stared at these people. Creative geniuses right next to me. While I was eavesdropping on the conversation I closed my eyes for five minutes. My body aching and as tired as I am; the last session was still coming.

The last opener was difficult. It’s fun and it pretty much sums up Colour. I got distracted. Missed everything I planned and yet again completely messed up the shots. Disappointed with myself I went back to the office. I knew I shouldn’t get myself down. The last segment was still coming; the wave. This year we got our national flag. It was one heck of a crazy moment on stage. The moment everyone was waiting for. You could see the anticipation on people’s faces. We took our positions to shoot. The wave started and unexpectedly a massive crowed joined us on stage. This wasn’t planned. The dancers were running around. I got smashed in the face by my own camera. They spontaneously started singing Shozoloza. It was just crazy. You could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves. The moment was over and I went to edit. I walked up the stairs with a smile on my face.

IMG_1892 copy

All fun and games, but the night ended. Colour was over. Tears flooded my face. This just happened. Colour conference just happened and I was part of it. Looking at all the volunteers, dancers, singers, actors, photographers I couldn’t contain myself. Everyone did extremely well! Our leaders led with excellence. The office was buzzing and everyone went crazy. But it was over…

Everything packed up, lights out and we went home. What a week?!

I cannot explain the pressure, the excitement and rush we worked with.

IMG_2960 copy

Yes we did it. We… because we are a team.


What’s In Your Hands?

My name is Cornel Viljoen, born in 1986 in a small town called Riversdale. When I was about 2 or 3 years old we moved to Malmesbury, and grew up on a dairy farm. I have been an outdoors girl most of my life. Afternoons consisted of finishing homework as soon as possible so that my brother and I can go play outside.

IMG_4794 copy

Barefoot farm kids, we would make up our own games or create something from what we had. We filled our afternoons with climbing trees, running through the vineyards dust following our trail home, or spending time in my mom’s pottery studio. A holiday favourite was cowboys & crooks. When we got our pool we would spend endless hours swimming and getting tanned. I was always the last one out of the pool. I could swim for days. Outdoors was and still is the way of any farm kid.

_MG_3793 copy

My dad has a great love for fishing so most holidays were spent at the ocean. Playing in the rock pools with our fishing nets, going for afternoon strolls and ice cream was a highlight for me. I miss those holidays.

IMG_5024 copy

IMG_4892 copy

As high school started in 2000, the barefoot farm girl faded as boarding school approached. This was something new, where I quickly learnt how to be more independent. Not much free time was accessible due to study hours, sport activities and boarding schedules. I used to live for the weekends, just so I could be on the farm. Have open spaces to go run and embrace the outdoors.

_MG_3787 copy

Near the end of 2005 I bought the Zig Zag Magazine (South African Surf Magazine) because they gave away a free pair of sunnies with the magazine. That was my first moment of really noticing surfing. Malmesbury and surfing are worlds apart.

IMG_4844 copy

Paging through the Zig Zag and not too sure what everything meant, I paged into the next season of my life. On the last page of the Zig Zag was an ad that grabbed my attention, the heading said, “Surf Masters. Year of your life, grow, surf etc.” Based in Jeffrey’s Bay, I always wondered what the Eastern Cape looked like and in my curiosity I called up the college. Cara Sawyer (wife of the shaper Des Sawyer & house parent of Surf Masters) answered the phone, I asked so many questions within that 35 minute talk and knew that this is what I need to do next. With my parents’ support we headed to Jeffrey’s Bay the 3rd weekend of January 2006.

IMG_4989 copy

_MG_3832 copy

I met people from around the world, grew in character through phenomenal mentorship and they became my family. One of the afternoon activities was to volunteer at the surf school, there my passion for coaching and people grew. The ability to teach someone a new skill they have never done before was so encouraging and fun. Great friendships came from that season of coaching.

_MG_3630 copy

IMG_4856 copy

I moved back to Cape Town at the beginning of 2009 and started volunteering at the prevention & awareness school program with The A21Campaign in July 2013. Doing awareness to the youth of Cape Town about human trafficking in South Africa.

IMG_4980 copy

IMG_4864 copy

I wanted Surf Life Surf School to have a purpose attached to the business and not just to be another surf school in Cape Town. When I heard about The A21 Campaign in 2013 I looked at their website on how to get involved. They have a segment called “21 Ways To Help”. One of the ways you can help is to collect people’s small change and donate it to The A21Campaign. In that moment I realized I could do more to help. Through every Surf Life Surf Package a percentage of the income is donated to The A21Campaign, plus people will become aware of human trafficking through our Surf Life Info Letter. It is a win win set up.

IMG_4822 copy

I want to play my part in helping to abolish human trafficking. Human Trafficking can be overwhelming, “What can I do to stop this injustice? I am just an everyday ordinary person.” I also had those thoughts. The A21 Campaign makes it extremely easy to play your part through the “21 Ways To Help.” Use your passion, skills, a birthday party, write a letter, donate a package to a victim etc. Every single thing matters. If my part helps to save one girl, it is one less girl that has to live in that nightmare on a daily basis. It could have been my mom, sister, friend or cousin and that hits home to me.

_MG_3693 copy


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